Last Reflection

When I see this course, I had no idea about it. But now,I know a lot of things about technology and I can use them easily. Also, I am sure that I will use almost all of them next years.

I believe that I will benefit from all of them. I will continue to use these tools in my jobs whatever I have.

Especially, I liked to prepare story book and podcasts. Also, to create individual website makes me happy. Now I create it for my course but from now on I can publish my interest,activities, games, language skills. I can provide people to follow me from my website:)

Now, I feel well-equipped. Before this cousre, I hadn’t know anthing about technology.

Thank you so much,teacher, Sedat Sakayoğlu.


The teacher asked us to create a website in weebly in this week. Actually, I thought it was difficult for us. Firstly, we learned how to use it. It had seen difficult and strager.

After I started to create it, I got it that it is not difficult. It is very enjoyable. I can add everything what I want. I will have my individual website. It is very exciting!I wonder how it will be:)


Podcasts…I love it:) It is very enjoyable for me. After I lhave learned it,I have boo in audioboo. I takled about my bad day.

In audioboo, You can use your feelings and thoughts. You can also talk about your jobs,interests.

You can listen things what you want. We can use for our students. You can ask them to record their voices. For istence, you can record a song while you all sing.

Story Jumper and Digital Storytelling

We have learned to use Story Jumper and to make Digital Storytelling by using movie  maker. Actually, we had learned to use movie maker last year, but, the story jumper is new tool for us.

While making something with these tools, we spend lots of time but if the final product is useful, we may be happy.

I made a video by using movie maker. The topic of video is the gingerbread man. And I and my roommate sang the gingerbread man song in the video. We enjoyed while making it. I think it was so nice.:)

I prepared a story book for young learners. The name of the book is The Little Indian Kids. I loved that story. I hope you will like that. Story jumper is very useful and enjoyable. This is required to be creative. I think new and different things appears while using this website.

All of them can be used in classroom and it may be very useful for students. Thank to you, Sedat Akayoğlu, I have learned this useful website. Thank you for it.:)

Twitter and Facebook

I had heard about facebook when I was seventeen. It had seen do difficult and different for me. Now almost all children know to use it. Old  and young ones use it for different aims( to find old friends, new friends, to say their thoughts, to publish their photos, to play games and to learn about lesson like me, etc.) I like to use Facabook.

Twitter is newer than Facebook. There are trendy topics on Twitter. I like them because I live in dormitory and I have no TV. I follow news thanks to Twitter. ı can learn new knowledge. I can follow famous people. Competitions may be implemented on Facebook and Twitter. I participate to them sometimes:) now I follow new people who related to ELT. I believe that ı will learn new about ELT.



In this week,we talked about WizIQ. WizIQ makes learning & knowledge sharing simple.You can enroll in online courses created by your teacher or by other teachers. You can invite your friends and learn online together.

For teachers, WizIQ provides all the tools you need to teach online. You can use WizIQ tools to create & deliver online courses. You can use Virtual Classroom to deliver live online classes. You can show your teaching skills and build your online teaching network.

This educational website is very useful for both teachers and learners. I like this course while learning all of them.